From the best-looking actress to who should direct "Breaking Dawn," a new poll is offering insight into Twilight Nation, and MTV News is the only place where you can see the results.



Last week, we teamed withFandango to survey 1,457 Twilighters who had purchased tickets to "New Moon" through their service. Much like a poll in mid-October, the results are as illuminating as Edward Cullen stepping into the Italian sunlight. Here are five of the most interesting tidbits and trends.

Alice in Wonderland
Wow, Twilighters love Ashley Greene — you really love her! Proving that she's come a long way since fans complained she was too tall for the part, Ashley won three key questions:

Q: Which "Twilight" actor is closest to the way you imagined the character when you read Stephenie Meyer's novels? (Ashley received 47 percent.)

Q: Which "Twilight Saga" actress is the best-looking? (Ashley received 41 percent.)

Q: Which secondary "Twilight" character would you most like to see in their own spin-off movie? (Ashley's Alice received 57 percent.)

With such overwhelming results, it sounds like Greene has won over fans and has come to embody Alice in their minds. And although a spin-off movie may be a long way off, Twilighters will undoubtedly be pleased with her expanded "New Moon" screen time.

Breaking Down "Breaking Dawn"
It's the question on everyone's lips these days: Who should direct the final "Twilight" movie? Out of the three series directors — Catherine Hardwicke, Chris Weitz and David Slade — Twilighters overwhelmingly want Weitz:

Q: Which of these directors would you most like to see return for "Breaking Dawn"? (Chris Weitz received 57 percent.)

"Oh, that's sweet," Weitz grinned when we told him about the results. "Those are Obama-like numbers! I'd say to them thank you very much, but wait until you see the movie. They're just going on the trailers. And, of course, no one has seen David Slade's 'Eclipse,' so they can't judge fairly based on that. I'm the flavor of the month."

Interesting notes: Forty-seven percent of fans are more excited to see "Breaking Dawn" than either "New Moon" or "Eclipse." They are split on the topic of separating "BD" into two movies, however, with 47 percent wanting to enjoy the final flick "Harry Potter"-style, and 53 percent saying it should be only one film.

Keep It on the Page
So far, Twilighters don't have much to complain about with the film series. But if there is one source of discontent, it seems to be purists who are seeing too much new material in Melissa Rosenberg's scripts:

Q: So far, which of these is your biggest complaint about the "Twilight Saga" movies?

a) Not loyal enough to the books (30 percent)
b) Not enough action (3 percent)
c) I'm not happy with the casting (3 percent)
d) The acting needs to improve (16 percent)

Going for the Gold
Forks is populated by some of Hollywood's best young actors, and Anna Kendrick is already receiving advance buzz for her work in the December 25 George Clooney film "Up in the Air." But apparently, Twilight Nation isn't hearing that buzz just yet:

Q: Which of these young actors will be the first "Twilight Saga" veteran to win an Oscar in their career?

a) Robert Pattinson (43 percent)
b) Kristen Stewart (23 percent)
c) Anna Kendrick (1 percent)
d) Dakota Fanning (29 percent)

An Oscar for RPattz? OME, indeed.

Would You Have to Do the Bikini Dance?
Out of all the "Twilight" stars, fans seem most eager to hang out with Peter Facinelli and Kristen Stewart. KStew beat out Fatch by only 1 percent when we asked fans which of the stars seemed most down-to-earth. Food-loving Kellan Lutz and actor/rocker Jackson Rathbone finished a distant third and fourth. But, based on what we've seen before, chumming around with Peter Facinelli can sometimes come back to haunt you.



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